Tamagotchi Classic -Original- App Reviews

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Nostalgic and Passive

This app is amazing for reliving the days of the original tamagotchi! I love having a tamagotchi in my pocket! It has all the features of the original tamagotchi and is very nostalgic. Its a very simple game, with the only variety being the different tamagotchis, shells and wallpapers. It gets a little boring but its meant to be a more passive game. If taking care of a simple little virtual pet when it calls for you is what youre looking for them this is great! It would be much better if it was updated and had social aspects - everyone would eat that up!

A Great Start, Hope For More Updates

I really enjoy having a little virtual pet in my pocket; especially since I had one of these little guys when I was a kid. Its just like how I used to remember it, however the one game does get a little boring after awhile If they add some social aspects to this, and maybe even a new game or two (like the tamagotchi game boy game) then Im sure this will take off once again. Totally worth the 1.29!

Pause button?

Very true to the original. Too true for my liking -- it doesnt have a pause feature just like the original (none that Ive found). Apart from that, a fun time if youre able to have it on all the time.

This is so great

However, I miss all the characters, I think all the characters should be added! As well as more games to play with the tamagotchis :)

Its Back!!!

Man I missed this soo much! Thank you for adding it back to the store. Runs much smoother than the older apps. Hope to see more updates esp for social networks.

Not worth the money

I bought this game and hardly ever play it. Its no where near similar to the actual Tamagotchi waste of money!


Its so cute and is similar to the original but I think it should get more games on it. And the little shop where you can get different in app games and food. But please dont it make real money. Because thats rather annoying. But otherwise its cute (:

Watch App Needs Work

The app is great on the iPhone but on the Apple watch needs to have support to play a game on it to increase tamagotchi happiness. Why have it on the Apple watch at all when you cant use the full tamagotchi? Its certainly capable of running the extra thing or two required to take full care of the tamagotchi on your wrist!

Very Neat

The app is very similar to the first generation Tamagotchi and I think its a great blast to the past. However, Im constantly getting alerts saying that I have "insufficient memory" when I know for sure that my phone has plenty of memory space. Aside from that, all is well.

Pause button

Its good! Needs more games and option to pause.... It keeps dying because Im in a lecture or at work... IM NOT A KID ANYMORE !! Not socially acceptable to have it out all hours of the day lmao

Great, but...

The game is good. It would be nice though to see in the future characters and games from connection versions 1,2,3,4,4.5,5, etc. A shop, more interactive games, mail, marriage, old age, generations, school, more food, characters, skins, backgrounds, and anything else I have missed.


Nice app, but I agree with everyone else, would be better if they added the rest of the stuff from the newer versions, like the store and marriage and stuff, I mean, I paid for the app so I kinda wanted all the options the newer versions had

Need more options!!

It is so nice to remind me of my old days when I used to play it. However, it would be great if there are options such as feeding many kind of food or playing many games with it. ;)

I need more games

Im digging it, it bring me back, but I really hate playing Rock Paper Scissors like 5 times with my tamagotchi trying to make them happy. What happened to jump rope ?? And the other games?

Needs more games!!!

Overall its not bad, but trying to make my tamagotchi happy can be so boring because theres only Rock Paper Scissors to play, and the game isnt very fun in the first place, makes me not want to continue playing because theres honestly not much to do on the app Should definitely add more games and features!!! Please!!

Can we...

Hi, I just want to say I love this game and it brings me back to my childhood. However it seems to be missing a couple of things from my childhood. Can we possibly add more to the game? Starting off with I used to play with more than one tamagotchi, maybe we can add that as a feature to be paid for so you can have more than one tamagotchi. Another thing that needs to be added is the marriage thing again to create the generations. I hate taking care of them and then they will just die on me. I would like to take care of their offspring , it would make the game more fun. Also can we add the shopping centre again so we can buy special treats for our tamagotchi with the points we save up for each game we play. With just a couple of additions I feel this game can be better for everyone


Just like in my childhood. Îm happy to play with it! It remember me so many stuff. A little quitchy thing but so good to play it again.


I liked it at the beginning, but then got bored of it. Having to check on it every 10 minutes and getting the notifications became a nuisance. Do not recommend to anyone, a waste of time.

Almost as good as the real thing

Wish theyd add the shop and more games and all that!! Would be much better!! Next version of the app perhaps?

Needs all generations

It needs all the generations of the tamagotchi for real nostalgia. I would be willing to pay per generation just for that nostalgia. Id like to see tamatown too. Just like when we were kids

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