Tamagotchi Classic -Original- App Reviews

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I cared for my little gotchi but... You bastards just kill them! I stared at my full health fully fed non sick little gotchi child and boom.... Instantly dies in front of me.... My life has no meaning anymore

Needs more content

App needs more of the newer features, shop and marriage in particular. Not worth the money paid for it otherwise.

Exactly what youd expect, but stops your music/podcast

If youve ever played with Tamagotchi, this app is exactly what youd expect it to be. They have both toy mode, with A, B, an C buttons on an image of a physical Tamagotchi, or app mode, where theres no shell, but you can use the screen is bigger and in color, and you can use the controls directly. I would rate this as a 4/5 (5/5 if you love Tamagotchi), but I have to be it down a star because every time you open the app, it pauses whatever music or podcasts youre listening to at the time, and you have to re-start your music/podcast when youre done taking care of your Tamagotchi. If they fix this Ill bump up my rating. Another much or complaint is how you always have to click through a splash screen when you open the app - Id rather go straight to seeing what my Tamagotchi needs.

Same as original BUT...

Same as original but I swear even as an irresponsible 10 year old I was able to raise them past 20 days, and here I am, 20 years later and with REAL child, yet I am unable to raise my tamagotchi past 6 days. Was I a better father when I was just 10 years old?

Tamas pass too soon and seemingly random evolution.

I am 100% sure as I played with the originals back in 1997, I have never had a Tama pass away so quickly. My partner and I both started new Tamas and even though she took perfect care of hers, I.E. always making sure it was fully fed and happy. She never fed him a single snack. She made sure he was fully disciplined. She always cleaned up after him. She always turned the lights out for bedtime and she always gave medicine if required. Even though she took near perfect Mametchi level care of her Tama, she ended up with Nyorotchi. In my case, since I am a huge fan of Tarakotchi, who is the unhealthiest of all the characters, I purposefully neglected my Tama in order to have the best chance of getting him. Even though my partner and I were on total opposite ends of the care giving spectrum, we both ended up with Nyorotchi. I dont know what the deal is with the programming of this app, but this did not satisfy my craving for the original Tamagotchi experience. I hope this review will help in the further development of this app as I am still and always will be a huge fan of the Tamagotchi and Bandai brand. Due to these reasons, I give this app a generous 3/5 stars. Thanks for reading. ❤️


i got this for the apple watch. I should have read the reviews first. I expected it to be the same layout. instead its a still image and very boring. sigh

It seams well made but time is set way to fast

You cant leave the game for a second gave up on the thing I had one back when it first came out and I thought it would be fun to goof around with it and literally drops hunger in 5min happiness was maxed out and dropped 2 in about 15 so buy the time you get up or try to do it in between classes or work its dead or hating you

Too Needy

This app is way more needy than the original Tamagotchi and I regret spending the 99¢. Who has time to babysit it every second of the day?? My Tama was 100% happy, healthy and full from its meal. I shut off the light to put it to sleep and closed the app. Literally seconds later, its calling me. I flushed the toilet (duck button), put it back to sleep and closed the app and within a minute it was calling me again. I never went more than 5 minutes without it calling me! Eventually I had to ignore it because ya know, work and life, and after just 3 hours, it was dead. So, if you have any kind of life and arent able to cling to your phone every second of the day, dont get this app. Opt for the free version with ads because paid just isnt worth it.

Needs pause button

The app is great, but when I go to a place where I cant use my phone, such as a movie theater, I worry that it will lose too many hearts. The app should have a pause button. Please consider that for your next update.

What a throwback

Precisely what I remember. Here is a tip: Sometimes you have to check on them (they wont always give you notifications when they are sick) just because. Love the app. I have been waiting for this to come out for a few years, I am glad I found it!!


This game is amazing! I do love it very much and it brings back much nostalgia from when I was a kid. I remembered that when you first hatch a tomogatchi, it needs a lot of care and attention so I made sure to hatch it when I knew had a day where I would be doing not much of anything. As it grows older It doesnt need as much attention so you can be more free. My tomogatchi is still alive and well! But my one problem is the game can get repetitive, so it knocks it down a star. Could you add maybe some different elements from the later versions? That would be great! Thanks for reading, if you did

Needs improvement

Since the 1997 original tamagotchi was way easier to use and understand. This app has its flaws and needs allot of improvement. My tama passed at 5 yrs and I took very good care of it. The problem, I couldnt discipline it and there was no discipline button or instructions so my discipline bars were always up. Please fix this and come out with a better tutorial and instructions.

Not worth spending money on

Pet gets too needy that it gets frustrating! Do not buy this game if you dont have much free time on your hands. Pet keeps on sending notifications, and little ignored calls causes pet to die.


Overall the feel was the same as the original Tamagotchi games I had as a child, however the notifications every ten miniutes were obnoxious. I left them on for simplicity but i was forced to turn them off after the annoyance and stopped playing less than a week after getting the game.

Looking for retro fun, but this wasnt it

I confess that I had one of the original toys, and although most of my pets had a short lifespan due to my poor parenting skills, it was great fun! This app doesnt capture the engaging, interactive spirit of the original, and the alternate "modernized" format included with the app is even less intriguing. The character has no charm, and I quickly realized that I didnt care whether it lived or evolved. This may be because it is unbelievably demanding; unless you have your iPad open and youre staring at it constantly, youre likely to miss an alert and boom, dead Tamagotchi. People who arent familiar with the original are also likely to be mystified by the controls, since the app lacks a meaningful tutorial and there is very little help offered to the player. Maybe the experience would be different on the Apple Watch. However, I deleted this within two days and have no intention of reinstalling.


Dont get this app if you dont want CONSTANT notifications.


I think the game has potential and brings back great memories. However, in the original actual tamagotchi you could pick out food, snacks, gain coins, buy items, etc. I think this is an essential element, as it gets boring. Also... There should be more games. Just a couple more instead of playing the same games over and over again. Please do this! It would make it 10 times better!

Next update ideas?

Can you please add things from the Game Boy tamagotchi? Like the added snack and meal options, the competitions, and on the toy edition, have the Left or Right title on the game. Also can we name our tamagotchi please? Also more games. All Im saying is Im curious if you can emulate some of the features of the Game boy edition onto phones and tablets.


I need help understanding this please kik me @superdoublepoints thanks

Love it, but not night shift friendly

So, this was the perfect solution to getting a Tomagotchi without actually shelling out money on Ebay to maybe/maybe not get it. My only complaint is that its not friendly for those who are up at night due to work or whatever. I work nights and sometimes just want to kill some time, but Tomagotchi is always asleep at night. Also, since I sleep during the day frequently, Tomagotchi gets sick and dies. Itd be nice to have some kind of setting to fix that.

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